Apple Wireless Keyboard - About the Indicator Light

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About the Indicator Light

The LED on your Apple Wireless Keyboard functions as a battery indicator and a status

light. When you first turn on your keyboard, the light glows steadily for 5 seconds,

indicating the batteries are good. After 5 seconds, if your keyboard isn’t paired with

your Mac, the light begins to blink indicating your keyboard is in discovery mode and

ready to pair with your Mac (pairing means your keyboard and Mac are connected

wirelessly and ready to communicate with each other).

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If you don’t pair your keyboard with your Mac within 3 minutes, the indicator light and

keyboard turn off to preserve battery life. Push and release the On/off (®

) switch to

turn your keyboard on again, allowing you to pair it with your Mac (see page 5).

Once you successfully pair your keyboard with your Mac, the indicator light glows

steadily for 3 seconds, and then turns off. If you push the On/ off (®

) switch and the

light doesn’t illuminate, you may need new or charged batteries.